Engage Ministry

“Go home to your friends, and tell them what wonderful things the Lord has done for you and how merciful he has been.” (Mark 5:19 NIV)

As a follower of Christ you have two stories to tell. First is the story of how God became a man so people could relate to him. How Jesus died for our sins so we didn’t have to and defeated death so we could experience life. How salvation is a free gift that no one can earn but we can only accept by faith through repenting, believing and following after Jesus.

The second story is your account of how God worked specifically in your life and where you came to the point of deciding to follow Christ and how God has changed you since then. It’s a story you should tell not only with your words but also with how you live your life. You see one without the other is no good; it takes both to engage your world.

As a church we engage our world on many levels. Locally we offer you opportunities to minister in prisons, help build wheelchair ramps, minister in nursing homes and much more. You can engage your world by starting with the people in your own community. Check out the opportunities to Engage Locally page.

We also want to help you become aware of the tremendous needs that exist around the world. We frequently offer you opportunities to go overseas to minister to people’s physical and spiritual needs. Check out the opportunities to Engage Globally page.

Telling your story with both your words and your actions is the most effective way to engage your world.