Pray… Like Never Before! Part 3 continues this weekend.

Get an inside view of your donations and gifts to the Real Life Food Pantry and see today’s email to sign up for On-campus Services, July 25th and 26th! Sign up for services here or call the church office.

RLC staff and leadership are still planning for an in-person service later in July. Amplify will meet in person this week. See Jason’s email for particulars. Route 56 camp is this week and Broadcast camp has been moved online for the week of July 20th.

All services will be ONLINE ONLY for the weekend of June 28th! Stay tuned for details on the services our staff and leadership team are planning for July.

Pastor Mike leads us through some details for this weekend’s campus reopening services. Watch all the way through for some laughs.

Campus Reopening details and instructions

Online services will continue each week during the month of June at 10 am on Sunday mornings. On June 20th and 21st, we will also host in-person services in the worship center on campus. Services will be limited to 100 people each for spacing purposes. 

Click here to register for the service you would like to attend!!

After you click on the link, select the service time you would like to attend, fill in your name, the number of people attending (including yourself and any children), fill in your email address, and submit!

On Saturday, June 20th, the service will begin at 5 pm. On Sunday, June 21st, we will have worship services at 8 am and 10 am. These service times allow us to add another service Saturday night or Sunday if needed. 

Services on June 20th and 21st will be family-style. Children are welcome to sit in the service with their parents. There will be no Wonder Way, Broadcast, or Route 56 worship times provided on campus. Watch our children’s services online!  

Online services will continue weekly and will be the only option on June 28th. This will give staff time to assess how the weekend of June 20th went and plan for more worship times in July!

We are so grateful for you and your family being such a huge part of the Real Life family.
As we are planning to slowly open our doors, we would like to inform you of how we are planning on proceeding.

We will continue to hold services in two ways:

  • Online Live Streaming Services (Sunday morning at 10am)
  • Indoor Services (Saturday, June 20th at 5pm and Sunday, June 21st at 8am and 10am)

We ask that you participate in one of the two service opportunities. Our service times are different than usual to allow for adding services, if the sign-up process shows a need.

If you are 70+ or have underlying health conditions, we ask that you participate in our online live streaming only for your protection.

Detailed instructions for in-person service including sign-ups and social distancing protocols to come.

Feel free to wear masks, gloves or take any other precautions you feel needed when arriving for service. We are doing our absolute best to protect your family and other families, as well as our staff.


As we continue to partner with local food pantries and food banks, we are asking that you continue to bring food items for those who do not have access to during these times. Our drop off and pick up times are Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 am – Noon.

This page will be updated regularly, so please check back in frequently to stay up to date with the latest information regarding our church’s response to COVID-19.