Children in Broadcast K4

Now that we are home with our children every Sunday, it’s more important than ever that we know how to answer important questions. How do I know Jesus is real? Is it important for me to love Jesus? How do I ask Jesus into my heart.

Mrs. Phyllis shares this simple technique with her Broadcast K4 volunteers and now with you!

Follow the Bible verses below.  Look up the exact page number of first Bible verse and write that in the front of your Bible as well as the Bible verse location.  Go to that page.  At the top of the page, write the words written in purple for that verse.  Then you will get the exact page number of the next Bible verse and write it at the bottom of that same page.  Continue doing this until you have done it for all the verses.  The words in red are what you say to the child.

  • 1 John 4:10 – Know that God loves you!
  • Romans 6:23 – Sin separates us from God.  What is a sin?  (listen to their answer).  A sin is anything we think, say or do that displeases God.  We sin when we choose our own way instead of His.
  • Romans 3:23 – Everyone sins and deserves to be punished. I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel better to know that everyone has messed up – that I’m not the only one.  But because we have sinned, we are separated from God.  We can never be good enough to get into heaven.
  • Romans 5:8 – Christ paid your penalty.  Jesus died for you and for me.  He took our punishment for us.  Consider this example: you do something wrong and your parents tell you that if you choose to do that again, you will have to suffer the consequences.  Some time passes, and you decide to do it again.  Your parents tell you it is time for you to get your punishment.  Just at that moment when you are about to get your consequence, your brother or sister runs into the room and says, “Stop!  I’ll take that punishment for you!”  We all know this would not happen in the real world.  But that is exactly what Jesus did for you and for me.
  • 1 John 1:9 – Be sorry for your sins.  You have to really mean it and not just say you are sorry.  Mean what you say.  If you admit to God that you are a sinner and tell Him you are wrong and you really mean it, then God will forgive you of every wrong thing you have done.
  • Acts 16:31 – Believe in Jesus.  Think about this: when you came in and sat down, you did not think twice about the chair breaking and you falling to the floor did you?  You just believed it would support you.  You did not even think about it.  It is the same with believing in Jesus.  Even though you have never personally met Jesus, you know that He came to the earth, died, and rose again, providing us with the only way to get to heaven.  We know this is true because the Bible tells us so.  The Bible is 100 percent accurate, and it most definitely is not out-of-date.  It is the world’s best history book.
  • John 3:16 – Believe in Jesus.  When you read this verse, substitute your name in the place of the word world.
  • Matthew 10:32 – Tell others about your faith in Jesus.  God wants us to tell others about Him.  He wants us to tell others about how He has changed our lives and what He has done for us.  You do not have to preach.  Just tell your story of God’s glory.  When we are not ashamed of Jesus, then He will not be ashamed of us when we stand before God.
  • John 15:14 – Follow Jesus’ way.  How do we follow Jesus’ way?  We must read our Bibles, pray and go to church.  That is how we learn.

Now all you do is pray.  Remember that praying is simply talking to God.  You don’t have to use big words or say a long prayer.  When you pray, admit to God that you have sinned and ask Him to forgive you – and mean it.  Then tell Him you believe that He can save you.  Finally, tell Him that you will confess Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord, that you will tell others about how Jesus changed your life.