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Real Life Moment: Season 1, Episode 2

Wendy: Hi everyone. Welcome to a Real Life Moment. It’s just a short series that we’ve started here at Real Life Church to share with you a piece of advice or a conversation or maybe some inspiration this morning. I’m talking with Nick Grice, Engage Director, here at Real Life Church and Nakya Dozier. We’re going to talk a little bit about generosity and how that impacts our lives. So here we go.

Good morning, Nakya. Morning, Nick. It’s good to see you, too.

Nick: Good morning everybody.

Wendy: All right, good. Okay. So let’s just talk about generosity. I thought we might want to start just kind of how we all met each other and how that came about Nick. You want to tell us a little bit about that.

Nick: Yeah. It’s a neat thing. We started our food pantry many of you may be aware. We’ve always had a food pantry, but never on the scale that we’re kind of promoting it to since Covid start. So we decided to put the banners out think it was back in late March or early April and just to kind of let the community know we were here to support them and help those in need any way we could. We felt like the food pantry would be probably the most beneficial way we could help those in need. We’ve been doing that I guess about five or six months and so it was really neat because Nakya was driving by and noticed our banners. God just put it on her heart to reach out and contact us about how her business could get involved, Siemens on Old Plank Road. She contacted Wendy and I and we just kind of chatted and had a great conversation from the get-go about how Siemens can partner with our efforts and support us in reaching our community to help feed those who don’t have the access to food. It was an overwhelming blessing just to meet her and to hear her heart, and I’d love for her to share as well. Just kind of her perspective and what prompted her to stop in.

Nakya: Okay, well, my coworker, Sheryl Boulware and I came into work one morning and we both had the same idea with seeing the banners and she said, ”Nakya, I was thinking about going and doing food for the church” and I was like, “I thought the same thing and so we were both very excited that on the same morning.” God had placed it on both of our hearts to give food back to the community. Some of us actually live in the community. So, we wanted to make sure that we gave back to the community that we’re working in every day. So we went and talked to our plant manager, Mitchell Hurt, and he said, “Yeah, do a food bank, but have fun, do whatever you have to do.” So we came up with an idea and we decided to task our teams with actually donating to the food bank and we were so excited about it. And they just really responded in a big way.

Nick: We were amazed at the generosity that came from your business and really just overwhelmed. I don’t know what the monetary amount was. It doesn’t really matter. I like how you mentioned you made it a competition. That’s what really got those guys going and got them motivated to get out there and compete with one another to even bring in more which was really cool.

Nakya: Right, so we have three different teams. And we tasked the team with a list of what the food panty’s needs. We gave point values to every item and the team that brings in the most will give you guys an ice cream sundae party. The guys really didn’t care about the ice cream sundae. It was more my team is going to win. I just really didn’t know they were going to jump as fast and do better. I think within a 48-hour period we had collected $700. We had three ladies, myself included, to go out and do the shopping. We went out and we bought just what is much as we can with what we had and you know, we tried to maximize the purchases. So we’re all like this store has a sale and this store has a sale. If you go here you can get this it so we just wanted to make sure we had as much as we could to feed families. The overall thing was just feeding families and I think the amazing part about it was even though it was a competition for my guys, they were more so worried about just making sure people got fed. So I have guys from all over the country all over the world actually and so some of the guys who are new to the United States asked do you guys do this? It’s like this is what you do you give food and we said yeah, this is what we’re going to do. So they were really excited about it. I think I had one guy who is actually from North Carolina from this area from Belmont and he said he and his wife went shopping. He came in with six bags himself one day and I just looked and went wow, the generosity overwhelmed me I was so proud of him.

Wendy: It’s been amazing to see those bags that you brought in, which I saw the guys just coming and coming with food bring it in and then in the last week or so that Foods all been going out. That’s just that’s the cycle of what’s really to me hit me about this. (The food pantry was) something that we already had but we did, you know, maybe it wasn’t utilized the way that it has been in the last few months. So, I hope the guys know that already that the food that they bought, you know, those six bags. They’re already gone. Our volunteers that we have on those days, I think God’s doing something in their lives too. So it’s the whole process, I guess.

Nakya: Good.

Nick: It’s been really neat to kind of see, you know, like the people who have a heart to give. To see them really respond and for some of those folks that maybe they’ve been in that position themselves at some point so they know what Like to not be able to go get food for their families. For others your heart says and it’s kind of the stance our church as a whole took like we will not stand idly by and know that there are people out there struggling and who need food and we’re going to do something about it. We maybe can’t feed everybody. But we’re going to provide all that we can to at least meet the immediate needs around us. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, nor could probably either of you, if you knew you were well fed, and there was another family just a few miles away that didn’t get to have supper that night. It’s just neat to see people’s hearts respond that way. When people give they don’t always understand the larger picture. That’s what I was sharing with your guard last night, you give food and you don’t really get to meet face-to-face to recipient of that bag like the volunteer teams at the church do. We get to pray with those families, we get to chat with them and hear their life struggles and really just to get to invest in their lives. That bag of food it is so much more than just feeding their bellies. It gives us a chance, a doorway, an entry into what’s going on in their life and gives us a chance to pray with them. We’ve had volunteers calling some of these people that have stopped by in the past and just following up with them and just checking in with them. Seeing how they’re doing, you know, some of them, you know, it’s like our Pastor said, hey, they’re struggling but life goes on to you know. People will have lost loved ones and they have gone through surgeries and people have cancer. And going through getting cat-scans and we’re praying that those tests come back clear. There’s marriages that are crumbling and we’re praying for them and they’re meeting with pastors. And so we get to see just a wide variety of different life issues that are taking place. We have the privilege and honor to come alongside those people and just minister to them in a way that helps meet just beyond their physical needs but also address spiritual needs and most importantly gives us the opportunity to share the hope of Jesus through just a bag of food. That may seem like just somebody that donated a can of vegetables. Hey, it’s not a big deal. I just gave some green beans and I’m like, hey, you have no idea the impact that will have in the in the life of this person who receives it. So big or small, whatever your team contributed it all blends into a whole bigger picture. And serves a greater purpose that lasts for eternity. That’s kind of what I wanted to emphasize to all those people that contributed that that they just are part of something so much bigger than they can probably even imagine. So that’s the neat neat part of it.

Nakya: Yeah, I think for most people like you said, you don’t know unless you’ve been there. Personally I have been there as a single parent not being able to keep a roof over the head for my son and I. I’m not being able to put food on the table and having the lights turned off. It hit a point in me as the person that even though I passed that stage now in my life, I remember when and it’s a humbling thing to not be able to be the mom or the dad or the man or the woman of the house and be able to meet a basic need for your household. So, a 32 cent can of soup to somebody means, Oh, I just gave something out of my closet, but for somebody else it’s a meal for my kid who would is hungry. You know, when we really sit and think about doing the work of God and really sitting thinking about doing what he commanded us to do. We’re supposed to take care of each other. We’re supposed to love each other, regardless. I’m sorry. We’re supposed to love each other regardless of anything and we’re supposed to take care of each other. If you’re a disciple of Christ then you know, his words are feed my sheep. It doesn’t just mean with food and it doesn’t just mean give them money so that they can do. You have to take care of the totality of the man. You take care of his Spirit, you take care of his emotions and you feed him naturally, you know, that that’s very important and I think people need to really sit back and realize especially now in covid. My guys (and I have been) very, very blessed. We haven’t missed a day of work, you know, most of us are paying our bills. Most of us are still employed. We are still moving and going and doing we haven’t been hit and impacted in the same manner as a lot of people. It is very important for us to realize how fortunate we are. My guys were like, you’re right. We are very very fortunate. We are very very blessed. So I think their answer to the call is what humanity is supposed to do. They answered well above what I thought they were going to answer but they answered the call so naturally and so beautifully that they just wanted to make sure that people had basic needs met. And that’s just what I loved about it.

Wendy: You know, I’m sorry now, that’s wonderful. You know what? I think that’s the way the Lord works. I’m gonna cry too, Nakya, here we go. I think that he gives us opportunities to,  not to prompt others. Not that we need to tell others what to do, He gives us opportunities to ask. To put it out there. You know, you feel the Lord speak to your heart and you say you know what, I maybe I can do something about this and it just carries down. It’s like the your guys were just waiting for an opportunity and I just love that because the lord always multiplies what we do. Our little efforts – he multiplies them. When we had a conversation, I thought we just need to capture this because I feel like the Lord speaks and when and if we can just listen, so many other things down the line can happen. Then we feel the blessings of that. I mean, I feel the blessing sitting here just listening. How the Lord working and then seeing the people coming in and out every day. Yeah, it’s wonderful.

Nakya: Yeah, that’s the thing. You guys get to be other side of it the blessing. We got your note Nick. Thank you. It got sent out to our team and you know, I want to tell you guys it’s not just impacted Siemens here on Old Plank Road. What happened and what the team did has now gone out to Siemens worldwide. So, it’s speaking to just a multitude of people and so I really truly praying that it multiplies. Not only within Siemens but within the world, you know, hey, what can we do to help our fellow man, you know because it’s not about gimmicks and it’s not about the name and it’s not about marketing at the end of the day. It’s about Kingdom Business. You know, so I’m really really praying that this multiplies and we can remember a purpose being here on Earth. I’m hoping we can remember our call to discipleship. I’m hoping we can remember and recall and then react what we’re supposed to be doing, you know.

Wendy: It starts small.

Nick: Great point, Nakya. I think what you’re talking about and the company is now seen that and it’s impacted your employees. And what I always hope is as the church and as Believers we model what that is, and then that people would kind of replicate that in their own in their own, you know, sphere of influence and their own neighborhoods. You’ve seen it on a local level where this church is doing it for the community now. Hey, you can do that in your own life or your neighbor for your coworker or somebody that you associate with do hobbies with or whatever. Be on the lookout for those needs and you know, as you do it, you know, hopefully they they’re doing it as a follower of Christ, but if not, you know, we hope we want to just share that hope with people. That’s why we do what we do not only is do we recognize there’s a Humane need that we can meet but we want to share the hope of Jesus with people. So having those Spirit eyes to see that it kind of I think it makes people more alert to just their everyday surroundings and they can do that on their own. They don’t have to wait for the church or Siemens to put together a project. You’re just doing that in your day-to-day life.

Nakya: Exactly.

Nick: That’s part of what it’s accomplished. Anyway.

Wendy: Yeah. Well, that’s fantastic. That’s why I love it so much. I love seeing something small, you know. So I’m thankful.

Nakya: It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful thing, yeah.

Nick: Yeah. Yeah. It’s been neat. When we started there wasn’t, you know a great there’s never been a long line, like people will come and they’ll say I thought it was going to be you know an hour wait for the food and I said no. It’s a steady flow in and out of there which is it’s really been great because it’s not just us throwing bags and people’s cars and sending them on their way. It gives us an opportunity to stop and talk with them. So we’re not doing it on this massive scale, but it’s almost like you know, God said, I’m going to give you what you can manage. And as we first started, you know, there were there were some days I would sit there for two hours and I’d maybe only have one or two people come by. But as the months have gone by you know, it kind of spread the word of mouth and people are saying hey, you know, this church down here is wanting to help people. So people started picking up bags and then say hey my neighbor, you know, she doesn’t have transportation. Can I pick a bag up for her? And we’re like absolutely so we’ll just throw an extra bag in their car and they’re delivering it for him. But it just kind of expanding and it feels like, you know God’s just kind of giving us what we can manage. As we’re doing that with authenticity and with the pure motives than he’s just kind of honored that and not put more than we can manage. But just kind of giving us the opportunities to really stop and take time to listen to those people and invest in them a little bit. Because that’s I think what people appreciate almost as much as they do the food just hey here listen to what I have going on in life. You just kind of have that dialogue. So that’s been the blessing of it as well.

Nakya: Yeah. It’s really important because in this right now and covid this pandemic so many people are having anxiety and depression. I say their demons and spirits they come on to people and they are attacking people to try and tell them that they are not going to make it. That is not going to end. That it won’t, you know, you’re not going to get through it. But the truth of the matter is this too shall pass it will pass you will make it you will get through it. But all you have to do is hold on just a little bit longer, you know, I’ve been told if you take one step God can take three. Because the God that I trust doesn’t know how to do math, you know, you know? If I can have enough faith of a mustard seed then he tells me over time my faith will grow and it will become a tree. How do you get a mustard seed into a tree? Come on God, but that’s his multiplication, you know, but I believe if people, you know, what you guys are doing is so important because you’re not just giving them food. You’re giving them hope and that is what I think in this day and age. Most people need hope. They need to know is to going to get back.

Nick: Uh-huh. That they are not alone. Right?

Nakya: Yes, right, right.

Wendy: Yes, that’s wonderful. Yeah, that’s very good. Anything else you wanted to share either one of you this morning? You now, I could talk all day. Why can’t we can talk all day?

Nick: Yeah, we’ve really enjoyed getting to chat with Nakya and to hear her heart. I just want to say thank you from on behalf of our church and our community that receives this food. We just want to say thank you for responding because a lot of times, you know, I know I’m guilty of it too of you know, God will put something on my heart, but we’re busy and are you get distracted and you just kind of put it on the back burner. Then it just never actually comes to fruition, so thank you for responding to and being obedient to what God prompted you on your heart to do.

Nakya: No problem. I think Sheryl and I both. It was so amazing how he just moved that one morning. She came in before I did and soon as I walked and she said hey and I was like, yeah. I love how he does things. You know, he because it was confirmation for both of us that it was the right thing to do. And so, you know, I was very very blessed to have been used by him. However, he chooses a specifically for this. That’s wonderful.

Wendy: Yeah. All right. Well, thank you guys so much for your time. Thank you for sharing your heart. Thank you for what you’re doing in our community. It is making a difference.

Nakya: Thank you.

Wendy: Thanks everyone for joining us today on our Real Life Moment. For more information about the Engage ministry here at Real Life Church. Go to Thank you, Nick and Nakya, for your time, and see you again soon.