Check out this podcast and learn how Real Life Church got connected with Around the Corner Ministries.—Real-Life-Moment-Podcast-S1-Ep7-esd1vu

Todd Alewine and his wife Sheila began this ministry in 2016 with a heart to equip churches and followers of Jesus to share their faith with those in their influence of where they live, work, and play.

In this episode, Wendy talks with Nick Grice and Todd Alewine about how to reach our neighbors with the gospel. We discuss things like why we should reach out to our neighbors trusting God has sovereignly placed us where we are to live on mission. Approaches to share Jesus must be Spirit-led, filled with prayer, and done with God’s heart for others as we seek to meet physical needs.

We will face challenges to share Jesus in today’s culture but can be successful by remembering we should love God first, stay sensitive to where God is working, and that it’s God who does the eternal saving of lives.

Todd explains how going through the Around the Corner workbook will help you with many biblical principles such as a renewed belief in the character of God, seeing others the way Jesus does, being more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, learning how to tell your life story, how to accurately share the gospel, and how to make disciples.

Are you ready to be obedient to the Great Commission? This podcast will help you along the journey.