Real Life Church Worship Service 7/18/21

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We've all heard that God works in mysterious ways. If we truly believe that, is there any requirement on our part other than to believe? In this week's story, we find a widow and her two sons in need of a miraculous provision where her belief in God's ability to provide and her faith had to connect in order for her needs to be met. Join us for part one of a new series. "Mysterious Ways," Miraculous Provision.

Real Life Church Worship Service 7/4/21

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When Jesus saves us, He cleanses us from all sin. For the first time, there is a freedom we've never experienced before; forgiveness and freedom from our guilt and shame. But the struggle doesn't stop there. Yes, we are free from sin and now have eternal life, but as long as we live in this world, we will still struggle with sin because of our flesh. What is the solution? Pastor Mike will show us how to continue standing firm in our faith in "Newfound Freedom."

Real Life Church Worship Service 6/27/21

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This week we will finish up on our series, "The Darker It Gets…The Brighter You Can Shine." Just like Daniel, we have learned that we can shine brighter in the darkness by developing a confident hope through obedience, practicing genuine humility by putting others first, and lastly, by gaining the perspective of wisdom that will enable us to see things from God's perspective.

Real Life Church Worship Service 6/20/21

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Throughout the Bible, Babylon is the symbol of evil. It was a spiritually hostile place with ungodly leaders and ungodly institutions. We find Daniel right in the middle of all of this in our story. He had been exiled to Babylon and was stripped of his identity and given a new name according to the culture. He had a choice to give in and live a counterfeit faith or to shine in the darkness. This week see how Daniel learned to shine brightly by practicing genuine humility in "The Darker It Gets…The Brighter You Can Shine."

Real Life Church Worship Service 6/6/21

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Since sin entered the world through the disobedience of Adam and Eve, there has been an ongoing struggle between good and evil, light and darkness. Social media paints a bleak picture of all that is taking place in our world and most of the time it feels we are being overpowered by the darkness. So what do we do? Author Henry S. Haskins said, "The darkness around us might somewhat light up if we would first practice using the light we have in the place we are." Join us this week in a new series, "The Darker It Gets…The Brighter You Can Shine" and learn how to live and thrive in a godless society.

Real Life Church Worship Service 5/30/21

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"I wish I had never done that!" "If only…" Do these statements sound familiar? We have all had moments of regret where we wish we had done things differently. But the worst kind of regret is the regret of sin in our lives. We try to hide it, but sooner or later the truth is revealed and we are left feeling defeated and hopeless. What should our response be when we find ourselves in this condition? Find out this week the solution to "Responding to Regret."

Real Life Church Worship Service 5/23/21

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According to medical research, one in three people in America is affected by loneliness, and one in 12 is affected severely. Loneliness is a universal condition with a significant association between health issues such as cardiovascular disease, lack of sleep, increase in inflammation, and a decrease in viral immunity. As we dig into scripture we find that loneliness is not a new thing. We see David, King of Israel, who felt the effects of loneliness. What do we do when we experience loneliness? Find some biblical answers this week in "Psalm 102: Where to Turn in Times of Loneliness."

Real Life Church Worship Service 5/16/21

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Scripture tells us that "eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him." This week we want to invite you to join us in the book of Revelation as Pastor Mike gives us a glimpse into Heaven, the New Jerusalem that God is preparing for us. "Heaven…Don't Miss It!"

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