New Podcast: Real Life Moment

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Our new podcast series, Real Life Moments, is available on our blog, in video version on YouTube, and in audio wherever you listen to podcasts.

real life moment

A new podcast from Real Life Church

We hope to share a moment of inspiration, conversation, or advice with our listeners. Subscribe on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other platforms to receive our podcast on your mobile device.

Episode Guide:

Episode 1 – Take a Risk and Connect

Episode 2 – Generosity Rocks

Episode 3 – Keeping Christ in Christmas

Episode 4 – Introducing MOPS at Real Life!

Episode 5 – Overwhelmed? Mental Health Awareness and Answers

Episode 6 – Time for a Check-up? How’s your fruit?

Episode 7 – How do I talk to my neighbors about the Gospel?

Episode 8 – Just One Thing

Episode 9 – Special Edition // Who is Mrs. Gretta?

Episode 10 – How’s your marriage post-pandemic?

Episode 11 – Navigating Social Media with Teenagers

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