Project Description

Nick Grice

Engage Ministry Director

To provide opportunities for Christ-centered outreach to our local community and encourage members/attendees of Real Life Church to share the love of Jesus through love and deed.

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Engage Ministry Director Nick Grice

My Faith:

I surrendered my life to Jesus at the age of 27. Even though I had grown up in church and knew about God, I never began a personal relationship with Him until life hit a low point in 2006.

I continue taking steps of obedience that stretch me out of my comfort zone and help me grow spiritually. I enjoy reading and studying God’s word while spending time serving others to grow the Kingdom.

My Journey to Real Life:

I grew up as a member of a local Methodist church but stopped attending after I went off to college.

After moving back home and giving my life to Christ, I began visiting different churches. Upon hearing sermon messages during my first several trips to Lucia in 2006 that spoke directly to my life situation, I knew this was my church home and have been here ever since.

My Family:

I am blessed with a wife, Jenn, that I met here at Lucia and started dating in 2007. We got married in 2009 and now have 2 sons- Carson and Ty.