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Clint Rhoney

Executive Pastor

Clint’s mission is to lead the staff teams. He keeps the church focused on its mission to worship God passionately, grow in Christ deeply, and engage the world intentionally.

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Executive Pastor Clint Rhoney

My Faith:

I grew up in a Christian home where we attended church each week. So I was very familiar with the idea of God and that He wanted me to surrender control of my life to Him.

For a variety of reasons including selfishness, fear and wanting to do life my way, I put off becoming a Christian for a long time. Eventually I grew tired of running from God. I surrendered control of my life to Christ at the age of 16 and began to let Him lead me.

Since then life hasn’t been perfect and I haven’t been perfect. By God’s grace, He has been steadily growing me through the ups and downs of life into the person He wants me to become.

The longer I walk with him and the better I get to know him the more convinced I am that there is no better way to live life than to follow Christ each day.

My Journey to Real Life:

I attended Real Life as a member for 3 years before sensing God’s direction to serve him in the role of a pastor. So, I went back to school.

After graduation I applied at several places, but it became clear I was already in the right place! Since that’s the door that God opened that’s the one we walked through. I began to serve as Associate Pastor in 1998.

My Family:

I am blessed to have Lisa as my wife and 5 beautiful kids Katie, Will, Sara, Ethan and Emily. I am extremely rich in the things that matter: faith and family.

My Passion:

My passion is to help people understand that doing life God’s way is far more rewarding, enjoyable and satisfying than doing life their own way.